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The MineBase Ecosystem

About Us

MineBase is a true WEB3 unicorn in the making. 

Our unique vision and market driven protocols are slowly carving the path to what will eventually become a beacon of hope in the crypto space.

Our goal is to leverage the foundation that is our unique minting protocols and rewards program to create a project that showcases blockchain technology in a way that has never been seen before.

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How It Works

The Fee Tracking Protocol

MineBase presents an unique and never before seen mechanism for generating tokens. Our proprietary technology allows us to monitor the transactions on the Ethereum blockchain and leverage that data to create a real-time minting protocol based on the global transaction fees. This means that the MineBase token is the first truly market-driven token in existence.

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Relax And Enjoy

Everyday is your chance to hit it BIG!

Interconnected Wallets

Perhaps one of our most unique ways to leverage the MineBase platform to generate potentially massive profits is the Interconnected Wallets.

According to the size of your commitment, you will once every 24 hours get allocated up to 100 random wallets on the Ethereum blockchain.

The system will automatically monitor and reward you according to the transaction fees generated by these wallets.

This essentially makes every day a new chance for everyone.

We even allow every MineBase user to add up to 5 of their own wallet addresses completely for free.

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Star Packages

Passive income, made easy and accessible to everyone.

Our star packages are the perfect way to start generating passive income.

There is a package for every budget!

Help The Project

Become An Influencer

Our members are not only limited to earning passive income. It’s also possible to work as an independent influencer for the organization and earn a lot more money.

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Improving lives is what we do

what people are saying

Don’t just take our word for it. We’re happy to let the success of our members do the talking.

Mads S.
Mads S.@MagicFingers
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I'd wish there was a way for someone without a tech background to understand how brilliant MineBase is from a technology perspective. I'm truly impressed.
Heva H.
Heva H.@hevahdk
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To be honest I was quite skeptical in the beginning as I didn't see how I could make time for everything. But the MineBase Team platform has proven to make everything much less time consuming than i expected. Great job!
Jimmy L.
Jimmy L.@cryptoman
Read More
I've worked in the networking industry for almost 30 years and have seen things come and go. To me, MineBase feels like one of those things where you just "know" it's going to be huge. It's a no-brainer.
Frequenty Asked Questions​


MineBase is a revolutionary player in the WEB3 and crypto space. It stands out through its unique minting protocols and rewards program. A primary feature of MineBase is the fee tracking protocol which creates a market-driven token based on global transaction fees.

The MineBase rewards program is designed to offer potential profits to its users. When you purchase a package, it guarantees you an ROI of up to 700%+ in 18 months. It’s a unique system that incentivizes users to actively participate and invest in the MineBase ecosystem.

Interconnected Wallets are a unique feature of MineBase. They are designed to allow users to potentially profit from their crypto holdings by utilizing MineBase’s unique fee tracking protocol and reward systems.

MineBase offers its users an opportunity to become influencers and earn more money. The process typically involves active participation, contributing to the community, and promoting MineBase across your networks. The specific criteria for becoming an influencer may vary, so we recommend checking the details on the MineBase platform.

The fee tracking protocol is a unique feature of MineBase which drives the value of its market-based token. It operates by tracking global transaction fees across the crypto space and incorporating this data into the value of the MineBase token. This innovative approach ensures that the token’s value is representative of real-world activity in the cryptocurrency market. For detailed understanding of this protocol, we recommend going through the specific resources provided on the MineBase platform.

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